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Bit Company

Bit Company is a big computer school with subsidiaries in many states in Brazil.

I was first hired for one private Visual Basic course for one student. The student had enrolled only for the basic module for the course, it was 16 hours course. The student liked the course and got enrolled for the advanced module, more 16 hours of personal classes.

After having taught those courses and a good feedback of the student the school hired me as a permanent teacher.


I've been teaching full time all of these courses below for two and a half years while working at BitCompany.

Ms Visual Basic 6

Basic module

This module was a 24 hours Visual Basic 6 course introductory for non programmers.

  • Installation and introduction to VB interface
  • Placing controls on forms
  • Buttons, Labels and TextBoxes
  • Setting controls properties
  • Writing code for controls events
  • MsgBox
  • Changing control's properties via code
  • ListBoxes and OnChange event
  • Timer Control, displaying a clock, setting alarms
  • Variables, Strings, Numbers and Variants
  • If, Else, Elseif
  • Loops: While-wend, do while, do until
  • Select Case
  • Keyboard events, mouse events, focus events
  • Using and connecting multiple forms
  • Menus on forms
  • Context menus
  • Creating database and tables (mdb using only vb6)
  • Connecting, saving, editing and deleting data
  • Creating a project using all learned features
  • Creating a distribution package
Advanced module

This module was another 26 hours Visual Basic 6 course with more advanced topics. The previous module, or similar knowledge was a prerequisite.

  • Basic module review
  • Multiple Document Interface (MDI) Forms
  • Loading and using OCX components
  • Creating a text/plain editor
  • Opening and reading existing text files
  • Writing / saving text files
  • Using ini files for intial configurations
  • Connecting to MS SQL Server, via driver and ODBC
  • Building a school grade system
  • Using the DBGrid control
  • Using Math functions
  • Using String functions
  • Creating Reports
  • Printing reports
  • Code reusing, creating custom Subs and Functions
  • Creating and registering DLLs
  • Authentication module with login forms
  • Access level
  • Creating and registering ActiveX

Ms Windows and Ms Office

I've taught this course many times


I've taught a few times. It was a course specific for children under 10 years old It was necessary going to some specific training and be approved in order to be able to be a teacher on that course.

Web Design

I've taught this several times

Advanced Flash



Programming Logic

I've taught this course a few times.

  • I was the author of the material.
  • 16 hours

Delphi 5


I've taught this course a few times


I've taught this course 4 times

PC's Hardware

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