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Delta X

Delta X is a software house. Working for that company for from 2007 to 2010 I developed many many projects.

The first 6 months as Developer and 2 and a half years as Lead Developer. During the Lead Developer time the team size varied from 3 to 8 developers under my supervision.

The last 2 years we were working using the Scrum framework.

Systems Platform

A web platform like a Windows Desktop system. A system with the idea of centralization of other systems. Following some patterns the developers could build new systems and install them on the platform.

The installed applications have an icon on the desktop and the user is able to open and use multiple applications at a time. The applications open inside a subwindow that can be dragged, refreshed, printed, minimized, maximized, restored, resized, moved and closed by using icons on top right corner like windows on desktop systems.

The icons/applications were available depending on the general user role and the features inside each application could also be available depending on user roles. There is an administration interface for that.

The following screenshot illustrates better the description above.

Due to a non disclosure agreement I cannot reveal details about how is the flow of the applications. Several clients with several different needs.

Used technologies:

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