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Logus Informática

Logus Informática is a computer courses company based on São Paulo/BR with subsidiaries in some cities. It considered a small computer school.

I was hired in June 2000 to work as typist, and there was the place I had my first contact with programming. A friend of mine introduced me the Visual Basic, then I got the software, some books, I bought a computer and get started learning about it.

In just a few months I learned enough to teach the other teachers whom used to work in the same school, then I started teaching. I left the company in December 2001.


Ms Windows, Excel and Access

I wasn't official teacher on that course, but I was often a working as substitute teacher on that course. Windows 98, Excel 97 and Access 97. I have no documented records about those substitutions, but I have probably given around 20 classes (1 hour each) on that course.

MS Visual Basic 6

  • Programming Logic - 4 hours
  • Visual Basic 6 - 16 hours
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