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 Distributed system for managing phone audio messages campaigns. Distributed system for managing phone audio messages campaigns.
 This was from far the most complex system I've ever done as a solo developer. This was from far the most complex system I've ever done as a solo developer.
 === Technologies === === Technologies ===
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   * [[http://​​|SoX]]   * [[http://​​|SoX]]
   * 16 servers   * 16 servers
 +If you have an audio message and you want thousands of people to hear it by phone, that system can help you. 
 +It works in the following way: The user...
 +  * ... buys pre-paid credits, each credit is used with one message.
 +  * ... uploads the audio message to the system and run tests
 +    * ... receives the system call on his cellphone and/or local phone.
 +    * if the quality is ok, goes to run the campaign, if it is not, the use records, uploads and tests again.
 +  * ... uploads the phone numbers data csv file and run the campaign
 +  * The system takes the data, spread it among the calling servers
 +  * The calling servers start to call the numbers and saving the statistics of the calls
 +  * The system synchronize the local statistics data from each calling server on another database server
 +  * Then the user can see in real time reports with the statistics using charts
 +    * How many numbers were used
 +    * How many numbers didn't work
 +    * How many people answered
 +      * How many have listened the whole message
 +      * How many have listened at least 75%, 50% and 25%
 +  * As the user is able to see also the numbers, he is able to randomly pick one of those numbers and call it in order to understand how was the call quality.
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