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youDb is a Marketing and CRM company located in São Paulo, Brazil

I was allocated at that company representing it's partner company Delta X.

Used technologies:


The project was a mail marketing management system from scratch.

I have worked deeply in all facets of this project. I analysed and designed the project, I installed and configured all software and lots and lots of programming and testing. And a few documentation.

I had one developer under my supervision on that project.

The features I developed were:

  • A back-end system to manage clients, users and roles.
  • Authentication module
  • Mail marketing campaign creation
  • HTML web editor for the mail body
  • Upload mailing data interface
  • Placeholders for the mailing fields
  • Dynamic fields and pictures for the mail body
  • Test of the mail campaign.
  • Approval interface
  • Sending interface
  • Realtime reports about sending with bounces, errors and success.
  • Mail reading tracking (medium accuracy);
  • Mail time spent reading tracking (low accuracy);
  • Daemon software to merge the contents and build the email
  • Daemon distributed system for sending the emails
  • Daemon distributed system get the asynchronous results (bounces and its reasons)

The technologies I used were:

  • Debian Linux as operational system for all servers
  • Apache as web server
  • PHP 5 as server side language for the web application
  • Memcached for sessions and caching
  • Kohana PHP as MVC Framework
  • PHPDocumentor for code documentation
  • jQuery as javascript library.
  • PostgreSQL as database server
  • Perl for the Daemons running in background
  • Postfix as mail server
  • Git as SCM
  • Git hooks for deployment
  • PHPUnit for unit tests
  • Selenium plugin for firefox for web browser automation tests

The hardware infrastructure I've decided to use along with another very experienced professional was:

  • Web server - Intel Xeon 4GB RAM with SCSI hard drives in RAID 5
  • Database server
    • Intel Dual Xeon
    • 6GB ram
    • SCSI drives in RAID 5 for data
    • SCSI drives in RAID 1 for indexes
    • SCSI drives in RAID 0 for tempdb
  • Application / Mail Servers Host - Intel Dual Xeon 6GB RAM with SCSI hard drives in RAID 5
    • 3 Virtual Machines - 1.2GB RAM
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